Masskara Village 2012 Photos

PhotobucketMask Be Proud

This entry simply show how “Life is good in Bacolod” because of their authentic, prestigious and elegant festivity which is “Masskara Festival”. This two-sided mask reflects on the different characteristics of Bacolenos. The green color signifies the success of Bacolod which can be seen in their progressive City. It also signifies the City’s love and concren for Mother Nature. The gold and arrows signifies the fame of the City and its people that wherever they may go, they will be bringing honor and prestige to the City of Bacolod. The pink color showcases the other side of the Bacolod, its masculinity in overcoming the challenges with beaming smile. The feathers represent the lightheartedness and carefreee living in Bacolod. The face of this mask designed with sequence showing the oneness of Bacolenos that despite of their differences they could work together as one, all for the glory of their beloved City. The flowers adorned in this mask serve as symbol of continuous service and blooming progress. Truly a “Mask-Be-Proud” work of art.

ABS – CBN Masskara Village 2012 Photos
2nd Floor Robinsons Place Bacolod

PhotobucketExcellent Mask

Excellence never fails a trade and so it does in the City of Smile. The contagious and enticing smile by the Excellent Mask will cast its pure spell with just the first glance. A spell that leave you in a trance where happiness, beauty, serenity and bounty only resides. The red and gold tandem highlighted by the sparkling ornaments emanates the excellence of one who’s down the aisle draped and crowned in bright golds and diamonds. The mask, with all its accentricity, is sure illustrations what good and excellent life in Bacolod City can offer – the goodness that flows and continues to flow.

PhotobucketBacolena Mask

Bacolod City has been through the best times, as well as the worst. But one thing truly admirable about the Bacolodnons are their resiliency despite the myriad trails. The Lavender and Fuschia pink color of this mask symbolizes the ability of the people of Bacolod to SMILE and Laugh even in the gloomiest times. This particular design of the mask signigie the progress of the different sectors of the government & showcase the warmth & congenial people of Bacolod. Flowers represents the many Bacolodnond who are tirelessly toiling in various parts of the World.

This design of the Mask is an invitation to the BACOLODNONS out there to come home & savor the sweet life & celebration of the “Annual Masskara Festival”.


This mask represents the elegance and beauty, which conquers the heart of everyone not only here in Bacolod, but also all over the world. The color and design features the characteristics of an Empress, a ruler or a queen.

All of the materials are craft with care to create a unique style and beauty. Empress is the queen of all maskss.


PhotobucketMade of Rice




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