Lost in Bangkok (Day 1)

Since I arrived at Plaza Athenee Bangkok around 1:15 in the morning, I wasn’t able to sleep well as my mind was on a hyper mode. I was just tossing and turning until the alarm went off at 5:30AM. I got out of bed to prepare for the day’s adventure, and then woke my sister since she’ll be having training at 8AM, only to be told that it was only 4:30 in the morning. Arghh! I was so excited that I forgot to set my watch in local time, which is an hour behind Philippine time. So, instead of going back to bed to toss and turn, I went online instead to check CS for any happenings in the area.

Bangkok Thailand

At 7:00AM, we went to the Royal Club Lounge for a sumptuous breakfast. Yum! Yum! It was bacon and sausage overload. Actually, there were a lot of choices at the buffet table from Thai, Greek, Japanese, French and Chinese cuisine but I only had my eyes on the bacon and sausage. I so love the perks in staying in a luxury hotel. No more McDonald’s voucher for breakfast.

After breakfast I went on a morning walk. While walking, I decided to go to the Erawan Shrine and that’s when I got totally lost in Bangkok. And guess what? I so love it! I just walked and walked and explored the nooks and alleys of the City of Angels. From Phloen Chit Station, to CentralWorld and then back to Nana Station. Sad to say, I didn’t have my camera with me as I was just supposed to go on a walk at the Park. But luckily, I have my iPhone with an almost drained battery with me so I was able to take photos somehow.

After 2 hours and a half of walking the streets if Bangkok, I decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up, charge my iPhone, get my bag and money for lunch. But as I said earlier, I’m kind of confused with the local time and the Philippine time. So when I got back at the hotel it was still early, around 10AM and guests were still having their breakfast. Then a bright idea came to mind. Since technically it was still breakfast, I went to the hotel’s Rain Tree Restaurant for another go of bacon overload. *evilgrin*

45minutes after and a full stomach, I went up to change and charge my phone. And while waiting for my iPhone to get fully charge (1hr on a fast charger), I got hooked on American Idol and the next thing I knew it was already 2:30PM. So, I dragged my butt out and went looking for a place to have lunch. I was just walking along Wireless Road and saw an alley with food stalls. I checked it out but I didn’t see anything I want to eat since I was still full from my second doze of bacon & sausage overload. I went to Lumpini Park instead.

 Lumpini Park Bangkok Thailand

Lumpini Park is big and  a bit deserted at that time, maybe because it was really hot and people just want to stay inside their air-conditioned offices, houses and condos. I just sat at one corner of the park to cool off and rest a bit before another 35mins walk going to Khao Tuvalu Coffee. A locally owned coffee shop near the hotel, as what the concierge told me when I asked him the nearest coffee shop aside from Starbucks. He gave me an instruction to go straight, in the corner turn right and you’ll see the cafe at the left side. Simple instruction right? Guess what? I followed what he said but I ended up at Nana station without seeing Khao Tuvalu. So, I decided to check out the cute coffee shop I saw at the Embassy Plaza during my walk to Erawan Shrine. That evening, I learned where Khao Tuvalu is. :( It’s just outside the hotel and besides the parking area. Oh, well! It was still a blessing in disguise as I really like Pear’s Fresh Coffee at the Embassy Plaza. Their cappuccino is so strong and so yummy. I had 2 cups of it plus a ham & cheese sandwich. After my caffeine fix, I walked around again until 5:45, then headed back to the hotel for the cocktail.

During cocktail time, I didn’t drink any cocktails or wine only soda. *grin* I was so tired from all the walking I did the whole day that I know I’ll be drunk if I drink any spirits. So, it was coke zero night for me and all those yummy Greek deserts and fruits. After that my sister told me that we will be going to MBK with her training classmates. And I’m like “oh my! Kailangan ko na buksan yong baol ko para mag English.” 😛 after MBK we went to 7/11 to buy some chips and soda.

All-in-all getting lost in Bangkok Thailand is a nice way of learning and discovering the in and out of the city of angels. It’s a great way of observing the life of the locals and of course be one with them. Don’t just be a tourist, be a local. And because of that, I tried the white jelly thingy that the street vendor is selling. Sorry, I forgot the name but it taste good. That’s it. End of day 1 :)


***photos taken on iPhone 4***

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